Good morning Divers!!!

I couldn't make it to the mall on Saturday and it sounds like I really missed out. Rich got a dive report from Shaw's cove and the visibility wasn't that good. But
other sites had excellent visibility. Paul sent in his dive report to Rich and me and here it is:

Was a stunning day at Heisler Park perfect sunny morning with Lake Laguna conditions.

We arrived and suited up and had an easy entry in nonexistent surf We made our way to the outer reef. When everyone at total of 7 made it to the drop point, we
descended just in front of the outer reef. We swam round a smaller reef in front and then made our way to the wall of the outer reef. We slowly swam round looking
for life to the back of the reef and went into one of the coves then went over the backbone of the reef in shallower water. The kelp has significantly returned and
there were several dark areas in the kelp forest. We were joined by a friendly harbor seal who decided to swim and play with us for around 5mins of the dive. There
was also a lot of life on the reef and large balls of juvenile fish, plenty of lobsters and large Sheep heads.

I checked the time and decided was time to start heading back I we took a course NW over the sand till we hit some of the reefs close to shore and then when
north into the beach. The water vas very calm and the group all came back together less one person which we think left early.

The visibility was excellent possible an average of 30 ft. with warm water and no surge was an excellent dive all round especial the harbor seal. I think everyone
had a good dive and hopefully some will send in some movies. I had wanted to bring my camera but my battery was dead so I knew was going to be a great dive
and I miss some excellent footage.

Thank you Paul for the report and leading the group.

Yesterday we had a lot of rain. I didn't see a rain advisory report from the county yet, but you know it's coming. Stay away from diving 72 hours after the last rain
has hit us. If we have rain today, that means we probably can't dive until Friday.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour