Good morning Divers!!!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & you had enough Turkey to last for awhile.

I have the dive report from yesterday provided by Paul.
Good dive, we broke into two groups as Rand suggested we looked for the reef past Deadman's which we nearly found on another dive. The other two decided to stay on the reef. We went to Deadman's and swam out based on a map that Rand had found. We looked around in 70ft for quite some time. We then gave up and headed back to the back of Deadman's reef and went back. The viz was good around 20 to 25 feet due to particles in the water and some spots viz was much better. Surf was around 2 ft with a few rough waves.
The other group found a hidden turkey as part dive treasure hunt.
Thanks Paul for the report. I read another dive report that someone said those "Rubber turkeys" were part of a promotion by Orange County Scuba Center in Orange, great idea. I am glad people have found some of them.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Looking at the live cams, surf looks pretty good at 1-3 feet. The viz should be good too at 15-30 feet depending on where you go. Keep an eye on the surf and you should have a good dive. Send me your dive reports.

Our plans for tomorrow are ON. I see in the weather forecast that rain is due in around 1 PM. So we are going to "Beat the storm" and get our dive in before it starts to rain. The surf should be ok at 1-3 feet and viz good at 20-30 feet. Louis & I are usually there at the meeting spot by 7:10 or so, info on the web pate under "Directions". So "Join us" tomorrow & BE THERE!!!

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour