Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I was just checking out the live cams, as I did yesterday too. It is nearly "Lake Laguna" out there, surf is running 0-2 feet. But it doesn't look like it will last with the incoming rain storm. So with the good viz (15-30 feet) you need to beat the storm and get your dive in. I predict that the surf should be building later today. Send me your dive reports.

Our plans will hinge on the incoming storm. Stay tuned to SCD for more.

I saw a video of Killer Whales killing a Great White Shark up in Monterey, check it out:
It was taken by a drone. Those of you who have dove with us know if I had to choose between diving with Killer Whales or a Great White Shark, I'd choose the Shark.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour