Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Well, the county did indeed issue a Rain Advisory yesterday right around 3:30 PM. It's been raining a lot, that means a lot of bacteria is coming down the creeks and rivers into our ocean. Since being in the water, be that surfing, diving or swimming, is not recommended, it is worth reading up on. Use Google for info on 'urban runoff' and even the county site http://ocbeachinfo.com/ has some info on it too. It's a shame too, the surf is flat, but the viz will seem low because there is not a lot of light making it underwater. For the record, 0-2 on surf and 15+ feet on viz. Just stay out of the water.

Our plans have been decided by this rain, we are not diving. The rain advisory should remain in place through the weekend. Stay tuned to SCD.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour