Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:56 am
Time: 30 min
Max Dept: 49 ft
Temp: 58-61 F
Visibility: 12 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, high tide, waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: John, Paul. Total 11.

A good day to get back into the water. Normal Laguna Beach visibility for this time of year. Some waves were high hitting the beach, but near the reef, the waves
were small.

We didn't have any new people at the mall. I made the decision to go to Crescent Bay and dive deadman's reef because we had some high surf, but the last part of
the week, the surf was small. We sped off to the mall a minute early and everybody got to the parking area at Crescent Bay. We took a look at the conditions and
decided it was a go. The surf was high at times, but close to the reef it was small. So as long as you entered there, you'd be ok. The tide was really high and there
wasn't much of a beach.

We swam out to the drop down point, but we weren't really there. The fog was a bit thick and we couldn't see well enough to get our bearings. We dropped down
and found ourselves at the Pinnacles. This is an interesting area but we decided to move on to Deadman's Reef. We swam out and over the sand. I looked at the
depth and we were getting close to 50 feet. We used Rich's rule, that says to turn right and you should hit it. We didn't hit it, so I went north; the direction to shore.
We came up to a reef which I thought was Deadman's, but it wasn't.

My air was low and I had to swim back. I headed north and came into an area of a clearing. I was between reefs and there was kelp around. I realized that I was
close to Seal Rock. I changed course and swam east. Up and over very tall reefs. After a few minutes, I found myself at our drop down point when we descended
for this dive. I kept going east up and over reefs and when I came to sand, I headed north. I was back on course to get back to shore and continued swimming.
When I was at 500. to was time to come up and I was about 50 yards from the beach.

Rich and I waited for the rest of the group to come out and all made it. Many of the experienced divers knew they weren't in the right spot but still made it back. No
one ascended in the area of Seal Rock which is a cliff with no beach.

We went to Husky Boy's after packing our gear and discussed our dive. We wanted to go to Deadman's Reef, but instead ended up at Seal Rock. It was still an
interesting dive. The CA Sheephead were huge. Where we dropped down, there were a lot of Spanish Shawls. Other people saw large amounts of lobsters. It was a
good dive for diving. This time of year, the visibility is not as good as the fall, but it's normal.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour