Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I read a few dive reports from the weekend, I think it's interesting that the reports seem to roll in on Monday. Anyhow, the best viz I read for Laguna was 5-10 feet. I was checking on the conditions Saturday morning and I was second guessing our decision about cancelling our dive, SA winds and some lower surf. But when I started reading dive reports, I knew we made the right decision. Today, the surf is rather typical for Laguna at 1-3 feet, I see it appears to build in the afternoon, the LBLG report even said that on Saturday, according to them, the afternoon surf went up to 4-6+ feet, but 1-3 feet in the morning. But the viz still sucks, running 5-11 feet today. If you find some viz today, let me know about it. I will admit, this is getting "Old" with this period of bad conditions. We had such a long run of good to fantastic conditions, I guess even I got to the point that it would stay like that. I've been diving at least once a week (Or scheduling a dive at least) since 1986 and I've never seen such a long period of bad viz.

A few people (Both divers and non divers) have asked me about what appears to be a current rash of Shark sightings or attacks along the OC coast. Here is my take on it, again, my thinking. I've noticed for many years that very large Mako Sharks have been attracted to San Onofre, some of these in excess of 17 feet. I always wondered if, for some reason, they were attracted to the magnetic fields from the plant, yet there is no evidence of that, just a feeling I've had. Anyway, the current upsurge, remember that Laguna is now ALL protected, that means the sea life is very good and there is a lot to eat, is this causing the increase in Shark activity?? I only have questions & my own observances, I don't have the answers. There are quite a few links to news stories about the girl attacked at San Onofre over the w/e, Google it for more info.

Our plans are for Saturday once again. So stay tuned here for what our plans will be.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour