Good morning Divers!!!

Before I begin the dive report, keep the date August 5th open for a possible Catalina Trip. I'll be going over there to teach an OW course and the group can go over
dive the park while I do the class.

Begin Time: 9:14 am
Time: 21 min
Max Dept: 44 ft
Temp: 60-66 F
Visibility: 15 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, Low tide, waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Paul. Total 11.

I'm sounding like a broken record. We had a south swell hitting Laguna Beach. Some big waves were hitting the beach, but the ocean wasn't too choppy. The
visibility was actually good.

I arrived at the mall and met up with 5 new people. We decided to go to Crescent Bay in search of good visibility. Rich was away for the weekend so I was in charge
of the group. We took off at 7:45 to head to the beach.

At the beach, we saw some good sized waves hitting the beach. But with a low tide, the surf zone was smaller. The ocean wasn't choppy which would help with
conditions. We decided to give it a try and we suited up.

I was with all the new people on the beach and right when we were ready to go into the water, big waves started to hit the beach. We had to wait it out. When we
thought it was safe to go in, after set of big waves came. This happened 3 times. After that, the ocean calmed down and we were able to enter the water and get
passed the surf zone without any problems.

We all gathered at the drop down point and we descended. At the bottom, we grouped up and took off. But somehow we were turned around and went into the
inner reef. We saw a huge sheep crab walking around and we all got a good view of that. One of the divers was getting low on air so we started to head back. When
we got to some sand, that diver had to ascend so we all went up.

We found ourselves at the edge of the inner reef and swam the remainder back to shore. Getting out of the water was easy and no one had any problems of getting
hit by a wave. We packed up our gear and headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was a decent dive and was well worth it.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour