Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:55 am
Time: 44 min
Max Dept: 49 ft
Temp: 62-72 F
Visibility: 10 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, Low move to high tide, waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Chuck. Total 11.

The south swells were still hitting Laguna, but they remained manageable; not that bad. The water was green soup in places limiting the visibility, but it was good
on the sand. There were lots of fish. I saw yellow tail swimming below me while we were swimming to the drop down point. Many of the fish wanted to eat the
Garibaldi eggs in their nests and were chased away.

Chuck and I arrived at the mall and met up with Rich and James. A few new people arrived. Because Laguna was being hit by the south swells, we decided to go to
Crescent Bay and dive at Deadman's Reef. We got into our cars at 7:45 and drove to the beach.

A few big waves hit the beach while we were looking, but also there was plenty of time between the sets. We decided to go and we suited up and swam out to the
drop down point.

I saw a large school of yellow tail on the swim out which was near the inner reef. We descended at the drop down point and hit the bottom. We went through some
green soup to get down there. We headed to the reef, once we were all together.

We saw dead henge east of us and so we swam to it. We pointed out the coffin at the base. We pointed out the tank and snorkel that is in the coffin. I headed east
and along the reef and at the eastern point, I swam up and up on top of the reef. I saw schools of fish and the Garibaldi fighting them off, protecting his eggs in his
nest. After about 20 minutes of floating around the reef, we headed back.

We dropped down near dead henge and swam along and then to the inner reef. I went into the inner reef and the visibility dropped. It was green soup. I headed out
of the inner reef and over the sand, the visibility opened up. We took our time to get to shore which was about 20 minutes. In about 10 feet of water, we surfaced
and swam the remainder to shore on the surface. There weren't any big waves when we exited and the remainder of the group was coming out at the same time.

We packed up our gear and headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The dive was pretty good and we can't expect any better for this time of year.

Photo: http://southcoastdivers.com/photos/DiveSites/CrescentBay_2017_07_08.jpg
Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour