Good morning Divers!!!

Since I was teaching a class, I'll have to describe the things we saw and it's all merged together because we did 3 dives.

The kelp is thick on the eastern end of the dive park. I didn't notice too many fish hanging out there. We saw a lobster hiding in a crevice. At the western end of the
dive park in the sand, we saw CA Sheep Head eating a dead sea slug. They were poking at it with their vampire teeth. Near there are the old pier pilings and Chuck
pointed out an eel hiding in there. Towards the stairs, all the kelp bass were hanging there expecting food from the snorkelers. The visibility was good in the
morning but as time went on it got worse. Mostly from the 3 big classes going on. The water temperature was warm. On the 2nd and 3rd dive, we dove with out
hoods and gloves. A few in our group did spot the Giant Black Sea Bass cruising by.

Our timing wasn't right on this trip. We wasted quite a bit of time trying to rent our gear and then paying for it. We didn't have time to eat and had to rush to catch
the boat. Next time, we'll stay later so we don't have to rush. But when I was doing this before, I brought my own weights and tank and I was done by noon.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour