Good morning Divers!!!

I'm doing beach patrol with Rich until my broken clavicle is healed.

At the mall, there were a few new people that we met up with. We were hoping for good visibility and we decided on Deadman's Reef at Crescent Bay.

At Crescent Bay there were a few good sized waves, but it would be manageable. The group suited up and went into the water. Timing was important and the new
people followed the experienced and had no problems getting in. It is a long swim out and I got my folding chair and sat next to Rich and we watched the show.

The show is new scuba divers diving on their own and the mistakes they make. We saw this one couple try to get into the water. She had to put on her fins in the
middle of the surf zone. Sure enough, some big waves hit the beach. They were moved back and then got hit again. This happened a few times and then she gave
up. She stormed out of the water and walked really fast while her boyfriend/husband quickly followed.

A group of three tried to get through the surf zone and didn't have any luck either. They got into the water and some big waves hit them. She had her mask on and
didn't hold on to it when the wave hit. Her mask was lost.

It's very important to get through the surf zone as fast as possible. Don't waste time by putting on your fins or making adjustments. The waves will come and hit
you with a force that can knock you down. Waves come in sets and another 2 could be coming.

Our group finished up about the same time and exited the water without any problems. Visibility was only 10-12 feet with patches being much less. There was a
haze in the first 20 feet which disappeared below that. Some in our group had equipment problems. A BCD inflator getting stuck and then a compass getting stuck.
I had two compasses that would fall off it's center piece and you would have to hit it to get it back on the center piece. That's the time to get a new compass.

We packed up our gear and headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The group had a good dive, but wished the visibility was better.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour