Good morning Divers!!!

Big surf hitting the beach, but we made it in. Timing was very important to get past the big waves. Good visibility was out at Deadman's Reef; around 10-20 feet.

I met up with the group and a few new people were there to try out a dive with us. Chuck was wanting Heisler Park, but we settled for Crescent Bay. I'm still out of
the water and so is Rich, so the both of us were on the beach doing beach patrol.

The group got into the water without any problems. They swam out to the drop down point and descended. After about 40 minutes, they started to pop up around
the shore and came in without any problems. While they were under water exploring the reef, quite a few huge waves hit the beach.

The group reported the visibility was a minimum of 10 feet and a maximum of 20 feet. Some pockets the viz was bad and in others it opened up. Lots of fish were
on the reef with a school of mackerel at the beginning of the dive.

The group packed up and headed to Husky Boys for food and conversation.

When I heal up in October, I'll be ready to teach an Advanced class. Let me know if you are interested.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour