Good morning Divers!!!

It was a misty cool morning before the hot sun came up and when it did, it was burning. By that time the group was done with diving and had their gear off. There
was a south swell a few days before and it calmed down. There was some confusion on the dive site and ultimately it was Mountain which we haven't dove in years.

The group did meet up at Mountain and there was enough parking for the smaller group. We checked out the waves and the ocean was a bit rougher than Heisler
Park. The stairs were completed so getting down to the beach was easy. In fact the bottom of the stairs were buried in sand so when all the sand disappears in the
late fall and winter, it should reach the hard ground.

The group suited up and headed to the beach. Some big waves hit the beach but the surf zone was very short. A few got out without any problems, but then a very
large wave came and broke further out, this cause a few of our divers some hardship. One diver lost a fin. The rest of the group entered the water waiting for the
surf to clear and we didn't have anymore problems getting in.

Now getting out there were some more problems. We had about 4 divers being hit trying to exit the water. They were tumbled and a few had to crawl out on all 4.
The rest of the group had to time their exits and they got out without any problems.

But was this dive site worth it on this day? Yes it was. When the group descended, they were met by 3 sharks. The sharks were circling around the group. Some
didn't see it and others stayed behind to watch them. The visibility was between 10 and 20 feet with some spots getting up to 30. Big male sheep heads were seen
and many more fish along the reef. The kelp forest wasn't as thick as it was a few months ago.

After the dive, we headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. Overall it was a very good dive, but conditions were a bit tougher than the other sites. It
wasn't for beginners and with the current and surge, it taxed the group; making it a tough dive.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour