Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Show up for a dive soon and you will have plenty of others to dive with. Welcome aboard.

Paul sent me a dive report from a night dive he & Mike did last night:
Mike and I decided as conditions were good we do another night dive tonight, We meet at 6:30 at Shaw's again. It was just after high tide. The surf was good with the occasional 2 ft wave coming in. We headed out and descended at sunset and had a little light for the first 10 mins of the dive before going dark. We followed the reef around entering a few of the coves and taking our time to explore the reef. The surge was moderate at the end of the reef. When we dropped there was a very large school of silver fish several thousand. We saw plenty of life and abundant large lobsters. When we started heading in we were followed by a friendly harbor seal there were lots of small rays close to the shore, we avoided standing on any. The surf was a bit larger coming out however we came out in in-between the larger sets and had a easy exit. Visibility was excellent at least 15 ft. We had a 65 min dive with a max depth of 49 ft. Coming back the water was very cold I think we had a reading of 57 however felt colder. We passed another group going out on the way in.
Thanks Paul

Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Well, even though the swell forecast showed the surf dropping by this morning, the swell models still show 1-3 feet, although on the live cam, it looked like mainly 1-2 feet, keep in mind it was still dark in Laguna, so it is difficult to see the surf. Viz? After reading Paul's report above, I'll say should be 10-20 feet, which is pretty good for Laguna. Send me your dive report if you go out today.

Our plans for tomorrow are ON. If you haven't joined us before, show up at our meeting spot a bit early, we usually start showing up around 7:10 or so, info on website under "Directions". I expect conditions to be decent with high tide around 7:45. So we'll see YOU tomorrow, BE THERE!!!

NDR (Non diving related): Today marks the last day of the Casini space probe as it will crash into Saturn this morning. There should be some interesting pictures & science from that. I enjoy seeing science at work.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour