Good morning Divers!!!

We had some surf in the middle of the week but surf calmed down during the end of the week. We were hoping for some good visibility. The weather was cooler
this week. High tide will be during our dive.

Chuck and I got to the mall and we were greeted with a long time diver of the group that came back, Gary Ho. It was nice seeing him again. There were no newbies
this week. We chose Crescent Bay to dive Deadman's Reef so our guest diver could see some of the best diving Laguna Beach has to offer.

We arrived at the site and it was very cloudy and some big waves did hit the beach. Getting in and out of the water will be tricky. Timing was very important. The
group suited up and all entered the water without any problems.

Since Rich and I were out of the water, we watched the show. This time, the only class got out of the water without any problems, but some cut it close. The South
Orange County Dive Club were doing their beach cleanup and they were walking around getting the trash. We still had summer time crowds coming to the beach,
enjoying the surf and sand.

After about 30 to 40 minutes, our divers started to pop up and come out of the water. Getting out was tricky because the surf picked up. We had one diver get
smashed by a wave and Rich & I, and Matt got her out of the water.

We went to Husky Boys for food and conversation. The visibility was between 10 and 25 feet depending on who was talking and where they were. A harbor seal
followed the divers for a bit. A CA trigger fish was seen and it was big. Schools of fish were around the reef. The CA Sheep Head fish came back to the reef after
being in exile at the inner reef. I was thinking the Garibaldi kicked them out when they were guarding their nests. All agreed it was a good dive and those that didn't
come missed out.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour