Good morning Divers!!!

This past week we had some rain in Los Angeles but it didn't rain in the OC. The surf has been down so good conditions were expected and depending where you
went good conditions were around.

I got to the group and there were a few new people to welcome. We decided on Heisler Park to keep things interesting. The group raced on down to the site and we
checked out the conditions. A few big waves were hitting the beach, but it was manageable. The group decided to go and off they went.

Rich & I were on beach patrol and we helped the divers go into the water. Then we had our show. A group of guys thought it would be funny to dunk their sister
fully clothed into the water. A bunch of people brought their dogs to the beach to have fun. One guy was too lazy to pick up his dog's poop, so he buried it instead.
He was a good example for his little son, NOT!

After about 35 minutes our divers started to pop out of the water. There was good visibility at the reef where they dropped down, but moving away from that spot,
the visibility wasn't as good. A few saw some sharks. There were some big lobsters around. A few were puzzled by seeing a CA Trigger Fish. The group didn't have
any problems getting out of the water.

After packing up, it was time for Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The dive last week was better but still it was good enough for a dive. I'm counting down
the weeks to get back into the water. 3 more!


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour