Good morning Divers!!!

We canceled the dive this weekend because of high surf. The south swell returned and hit the beaches at Laguna.

This week, the south swell is going to decrease by Wednesday. Towards the end of the week, wind and south swell will be coming. The wind will cause west facing
beaches to have really high surf and a small south swell will get the south facing beaches. It's all up in the air on how the conditions look for next weekend.

Last week, Rich and I were talking about a bat ray eating a lobster. He thought it was at Mountain, but I was saying it was at Reef Point. I knew I video taped it and
dug through my videos and found this one. The conditions were right for us to go to Reef Point in January of 2014. Paul, Rich and I came across a bat ray sitting in
the sand. I got close and scared him off. We came up to another bat ray and this one was too busy eating a lobster to notice us. Rich was going to touch him, but
he didn't like that. He shot out under Paul and took off. I tried to chase him down, but I couldn't keep up with him.

When conditions are right, we'll have to go back to Reef Point. But we have to car pool. We would need people with big trucks, so we can load gear into them. The
parking fee is at $15 per car, so by car pooling, we could share the expense of diving there.

old video of Reef Point back in Jan 2014

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour