Good morning Divers!!!

We canceled the dive this past weekend. We were being on the conservative side because we had a south swell and it was ending. We had reports of visibility not
being good which was the main reason why we canceled it.

Paul and Mike went ahead and did a dive early on Saturday and they reported the visibility was 15 feet at Deadman's Reef. The surf wasn't high but they did go
extra early.

This week, the south swell is coming back. That south swell will start today and by the looks of the predictions, it will remain next weekend and continue into the
week after that.

We are suppose to be starting the good conditions time of year but it looks like it'll be postponed for a bit. Maybe in November?

Also on the lookout for next week, is there rain at the end of the week?

Rich will have more throughout the week.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour