Good morning Divers!!!

We canceled the dive this past weekend. South Swells returned. Chuck checked out Crescent Bay on Friday after his surfing session. Here's his report:

Actually good call. As Rich said it is here. Surfed Salt Creek for a quick session this morning sets chest high. Went up Pacific Coast HWY stopped by Crescent
Bay, had a cup of coffee and watch two (2) groups of divers one trying to get out, and the other trying to get back in. It was comical they should have not been in
the water. After getting knocked down three (3) times trying to get out they figured they would be better off giving it up, smart move. The other group, two (2)
divers, trying to get out did pretty good waiting for a break in the action, but were to slow come in and got knocked down and washed up on the beach. Went over
and helped them and they told me viz sucked and the surge was too much for them. Bottom time 15 min

Rich will have more throughout the week.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour