Good morning Divers!!!

Before I submit the dive report, I'm still collecting names for a PADI AOW class. For those that haven't responded and talked to me before, please reply back so I
can add you to my list. With the responses that I got already, the class will probably start on Feb 3rd.

Here's the dive report:
Begin Time: 8:49 am
Time: 44 min
Max Dept: 42 ft
Temp: 59 - 64 F
Visibility: 15-20 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, low tide, west swell waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Chuck, Yuki. Total 17.

The south swell died down during the week so it was mostly calm. A west swell was coming but we thought the islands would protect Laguna. We were wrong on
that. The west swells did come into Laguna and brought some 4 footer waves. The visibility wasn't as good as we thought, but it was better than Laguna Beach

Chuck and I got to the mall with Rich and a few divers. There wasn't anyone new, but some people haven't been here for awhile so it was like almost new again. We
choose Crescent Bay thinking the visibility would be 30-40 feet.

We checked out the site and some big waves did hit the beach. Those waves were mostly on the shore and didn't break out too far. We decided to give a try and
we suited up and headed out to the drop down point.

We descended and the visibility was pretty good, but it seemed like it was foggy with lots of things in the water. Once on the bottom, I headed 210 degrees and in
a minute we were at the most Westerly point of Deadman's Reef. I headed east and followed the reef to the easterly point and swung around the back side.

There were lots of fish. Many schools were hanging out at the reef. I took some video of the back side and then headed up and over and into the canyons. I found a
few lobsters hiding under some rocks and got some video of that. Then we headed up and over the reef and I took more videos of the kelp and the fish hanging out
in the kelp.

It was about time to head back in so I went up and over the reef and found the coffin and Dead Henge. We followed the rocks and then headed north were we
reached the inner reef. We swam inside of the reef and at the edge I found a bunch of CA Sheep Head nibbling at a kelp anchor. I stopped and took more video of
that. Big Sheep Head were swarming around and the females were the ones nibbling at it.

After that we swam all the way back in and in about 10 feet of water, we surfaced and swam the remainder back to shore on the surface. A few big waves came by,
but by the time we reached the shore, it was an easy exit.

After packing up our gear we headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was a pleasant dive, but we were hoping for better visibility. This is the best time
of year, and yet the ocean isn't cooperating.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour