Good morning Divers!!!

Before the weekly dive report, I'm still taking names for the AOW class. If you are interested please let me know. We'll do a Catalina trip and do 3 of the 5 dives
there. The remainder will be done during the Saturday South Coast Dives.

Begin Time: 9:02 am
Time: 42 min
Max Dept: 50 ft
Temp: 61 - 62 F
Visibility: 20 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, moving to low tide, waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Naveen, Jack, Anthony, Chuck. Total 15.

The west swell was here, but Catalina was blocking it. Only a few big waves hit the beach. We had a ton of rain on Monday and OC had a rain advisory which was
removed at 7:26am Saturday morning. Because we are still in the good conditions season, the ocean recovered quickly and we had excellent visibility.

Chuck and I arrived at the mall and the new people were returning back coming for the second or third time. We decided on Crescent Bay because the tide was
moving to low and it offers the best visibility in Laguna. We took off for the mall at 7:45.

When I checked out the conditions, a few large waves came in and hit the beach. After my bathroom break, the ocean was calm and quiet. We suited up and
entered the water without any problems. The swim out was good and I noticed the visibility was really good.

The group broke up into 2 and the early group dropped down before the 2nd group made it out there. We could see the 1st group's bubbles from the surface and
waited for them to leave before we dropped down.

Some had a hard time coming down, but we all made it and proceeded to the reef. We were in deep water and I remembered Rich's rule of if you are too deep, you
turn right and you should hit the reef. I knew the tide was still a bit on the high side, so I changed our course a bit to the west. Off in the distance I could see
something and sure enough we hit the reef in the center. We swam up and followed it to its westerly point and then swam around and then into the canyons.

The sargassum weeds were thick and every where. They got in the way of seeing the rocks and the canyon floor. There were plenty of big lobsters sitting under the
rocks. They weren't alone and there were 2-4 of them sitting next to each other. The CA Sheep Heads were everywhere and they were big. Of course a ton of
Garibaldi were everywhere too.

We left the canyon and started to leave the reef, but I headed to where the coffin is located and showed it to my group. Then we followed the rock train and headed
to the inner reef. We checked it out and it had lots of lobsters sitting in the corners of the rocks too. Some were getting low on air so we left the inner reef and
followed it by swimming along side of it to shore. We ran into a class of beginners doing their dive and they were headed to the edge of the inner reef.

We surfaced in 6 feet of water and made our way out. A few big waves came before I got out and I sat it out and waited for them to pass. Then I exited the water
and got out without any problems. We packed up our gear and headed to Husky Boys for food and conversation. It was an excellent dive and if you missed out, you
really missed out.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour