Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. The swell really came up yesterday, running up to 5-6 feet. Today, better news, the surf is running a bit lower at 2-4+ feet, so it is dropping, but it is still not ideal for diving. Oh yea, I also saw that some water warnings are posted around Laguna Beach, Crescent Bay, Hotel Laguna & Bluebird Canyon, which usually affects Cress & Mountain Ave. If you need more info see http://ocbeachinfo.com Check it out. Basically, I don't recommend going into the water in Laguna, high surf & bacteria levels are a good reason. Plus viz is low at less than 10 feet, so as you can see, it is not worth it.

Our plans are still for Saturday. Trust me, we are trying to stay optimistic, but.... Stay tuned here for more tomorrow.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour