Good morning Divers!!!

I'm organizing an Advance Open Water class and we'll be going to Catalina on March 3rd. The group is invited to attend to dive on your own or follow my class. We
will take the first boat out of Long Beach at 6am and return on the 3:50pm boat.

Let me know if you are interesting in taking the class or going to Avalon.

Here's Saturday's dive:
Begin Time: 8:51 am
Time: 41 min
Max Dept: 35 ft
Temp: 59 - 61 F
Visibility: 15-20 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, high tide, waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Chuck. Total 8.

All week the surf has been low. With a high tide and low surf we decided to go to a spot we haven't been since before 2011 - Moss Point.

Chuck and I met up with Rich and a few new people diving with us for the first time. Rich, Chuck and I have already discussed that we should go to Moss Point. So
we took off at 7:45 for Moss Point.

The dive site doesn't have much parking so we had to car pool down. We took up all the spots and some had to park on PCH. We suited up and walked down to the
beach. There was about a 4 foot drop from the bottom of the stairs to the sand.

The group started to swim out too far and I had them come back in. We wanted to be close to the point and then swim east which is down the coast. We swam past
the point after dropping down and we swam along the reefs. We saw the usual fish but not the huge CA Sheep Heads. We came across sand so I changed course
and headed to shore.

We came across the reef and then I headed west which is going up the coast. We swam along the reefs and found many little canyons. We came across one that
shot us out at a very fast speed. The group enjoyed that and we continued west. Along these reefs, I saw the large CA Sheep Heads.

We came across a clearing and a sandy area. I'm thinking this might be the spot we dropped down on. We swam a bit closer to shore and then at 20 feet, we
ascended. We surfaced a bit further east than we hoped. We swam the remainder on the surface and exited the small surf zone.

After packing up our gear, we headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. We ran into a few other divers and they dove Deadman's. The visibility was the
same so we made a good choice to dive a spot that we haven't dove in years.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour