Good morning Divers!!!
Saturday recap. We had a small group, 7 divers, most likely due to the threat of high surf, which didn't happen. We decided to go to Deadman's Reef because we hadn't been there for a few weeks. All divers reported 10-20 feet of viz and we also had a strange report of an Angel fish, which would be highly unusual. The best way I can describe it is they said it was a sort of the shape of a Damsel fish (Aka Garibaldi shape) but it was a brown with yellow vertical stripe on it with some blue along the dorsal side, very unusual sighting. The Lobsters are doing well too and reports of Sargassum too, unfortunately. Plus inside the cove in about 15 feet of water, a Giant Black Sea Bass sighting, 3 of our divers saw it. It was about 3-4 feet and probably 100-250 pounds with the traditional markings of silver with black spots. I noticed the tide was very low and the waves were sorta a double type of wave, making entry & exit a bit tricky, so you had to be paying attention. So decent viz and good wildlife sightings, a good day diving.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Surf is running 1-3 feet and viz should be in the 10-20 feet range. If you go out today, send me your dive reports.

Our plans are for Saturday and will depend on whether or not we get rain, which is in the forecast. So stay tuned here for more.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour