Good morning Divers!!!
Saturday recap. We had 9 "Hard core" divers show up for our "Beat the storm" dive. We decided that Deadman's Reef was our best choice for viz and conditions. Waves were generally 1-3 feet with a 4 footer every now & then. Viz was decent at 10-20 feet. The rain was just a slight drizzle and there wasn't any runoff on the beach either. Many in the group saw a Salp, or what was left of one while on the reef. I noticed that the sea birds were feeding on something and it turned out to be those red Tuna Crabs, which were starting to wash up on the beach. That old me that there will be 1,000's of them on the beach soon. So not a bad day and everyone enjoyed the day diving. Plus we had one of those "What happens on our dives stays on our dive" funny moments, you had to be there to see it.

A rain advisory was issued yesterday, so keep that in mind https://ocbeachinfo.com/ for more info.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Since there is the advisory, I do not recommend diving for a couple more days, but there is more rain coming. Surf looks fairly flat at 1-3+ feet. Viz should be dropping down as the storm arrives, around 10 feet or less.

Our plans. Well, they don't look good for this Saturday. Stay tuned here for more

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour