Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Surf is lower than yesterday running mainly 1-2 feet but there will be those 3+ footers around. Viz is decent too at 15-20+ feet, depending on where you go. Send me your dive reports.

Speaking of which, I got this from Marshall:
Hi Rich! Had a great dive this morning at Heisler!
Divers: Marshall, Robert, Jake
Site: Laguna/Heisler Park
Max Depth: 54 ft
Time of Dive: 1:02
Water Temp: 57-54 degrees
Visibility: 10-30 feet
Weather was gorgeous with very gentle 1-2 ft waves. High tide had just turned. Walked right in and shore swam out to the West Pinnacle and dropped. Viz was under 10 ft. Swam Southeast along the reef until we reached the North-South Canyon. Swam along one side to the end, then turned and swam out along the other side. Viz was better at 10-15. Continued east to far side of reef where viz was much better. Fish were plentiful. Some lobster under the rocks. Saw unusual fish with broad green and yellow vertical striping. Robert thought he saw a seal at the edge of our viz. I told him later it was likely a Great White. Turned when Jake was at 1,700 and swam back west and crossed the mouth of the canyon. Descended to 54 feet where the water temp was 4 degrees colder and the viz stretched to 30 feet. Swam northwest along the edge of the reef, then headed north over the sand and stayed perpendicular to the sand furrows heading toward the beach. Veered west whenever we came to rocks. Did a safety stop at 15 ft. then headed in and surfaced in 8 feet of water off the beach, but a bit too far east, close to the rocks. Excellent dive!
Thanks! Marshall
S you can find decent viz depending on where you go. It sounds like this is the 2nd sighting of a King Angelfish, which is usually a Baja fish, but it's range does reach up into S CA water, according to the DFW.

Our plans for Saturday looks good, blow the dust off your gear and be ready to dive. Stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour