Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Just show up for one of our dives and you will have plenty of others to dive with and gain experience in our local waters. Welcome aboard.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Well after this mornings quake woke me up at 5 am in S OC, let's talk about diving. As Louis mentioned yesterday, due to the county's rain advisory, we did not dive but I read a few dive reports and viz was anywhere from 10-25 feet, so if you were looking for viz, it depended on where you went in as to how the viz was. Again, we always side on the side of caution when these advisories are issued. So viz today should be in the 15-25+ feet range, so the conditions are pretty good right now, flat surf and decent viz. Send me your dive reports if you go out today.

Our plans are for Saturday. it looks like no rain in the forecast, so get your gear ready for diving. Stay tuned here for more.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour