Good morning Divers!!!

Max Depth: 43ft
Avg Depth: 28ft
Duration: 51 minutes
Time: 8:52 am
Min Temp: 62 F
Max Temp: 67 F
Visibility: 12-15 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, Low tide , waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Jarrett. Total 13.

A special email from Swell Watch came in on Friday morning which I didn't notice until Saturday morning. Hurricane Norman was directly south of us and was
intensifying and going to bring in south swells. Since the email was sent out we couldn't back out. Some big 5 foot waves hit the beach but there was time to get
in. The water was really choppy which made it look worse. Still it was a good dive with normal visibility.

Rich and I arrived at the mall a few new people came and introduced themselves. We decided on Heisler Park because it's a bit protected from south swells. We
raced down to the beach and checked out the conditions. It wasn't that bad but it did look choppy with some big waves. Timing was important.

We suited up and swam out to one of the many drop down points. Today, the scuba boat Riveria was anchored at the reef so we descended west of the boat. At the
bottom we swam east to the reef. Once there we swam south heading for deeper water and more of the reef. I took some video of the reef and of the fish. Lots of
male California Sheep Head swimming around. Seemed like a lobster was in every hole that I passed. I didn't see anything unusual, just the normal fish. The kelp
was small and coming back from the warm water we had this summer.

Coming back in, I swam along the sand and around 20 feet, I didn't feel too comfortable on where I was. I decided to ascend and we popped up about 100 yards
west of the lifeguard stand. So we had to swim east to get back in front of the lifeguard stand and swim into shore. Getting out of the water was a little tricky. The
swells were coming in and so you had to time it just right to get out.

We packed up and headed to Husky for food and conversation. A few of our experienced divers came out in the coves adjacent to Heisler Park. They over shot
their exits which is a common mistake. A few people saw 5 horn sharks on their dive. All in all, it was a good dive but conditions were getting worse as the day went



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour