Good morning Divers!!!

Max Depth: 55ft
Avg Depth: 30ft
Duration: 53 minutes
Time: 8:59 am
Min Temp: 61 F
Max Temp: 70 F
Visibility: 10 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, high tide, large waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Marshall, Rand, and Paul. Total 4.

The south swell was ending and it sounded like we had a window to get in before another south swell would hit the beach. We were wrong. The south swell was
large and a few eight foot waves hit the beach while were were diving. There were times to get in and out before the next large set of waves would hit the beach.

Rich's email on Friday was a warning about the high surf that would be hitting the beach and only the experienced should give it a try. So there were only 4 divers
that were going to give it a try when we met up at the mall. We drove down and checked out the site. It looked good until a few big waves hit the beach. We
decided to give it a try. We suited up and headed to the beach.

Paul and I were the first and big waves were hitting the beach. We waited and waited and then we made our move to get in. The small waves were actually still big
and we got knocked down. I was on my knees on the shore and had a tough time to stand up. When I looked over, Paul was getting up and we both waited a bit and
then tried again. This time I went under the wave and Paul got hit again. He recovered quickly and we both moved pass the surf zone. The swells stopped and the
other two got in.

Marshall wanted to dive at the very end of the reef so it was a long swim out there. The visibility looked good at spots and when we were over the reef, we were in
about 5 feet of water. My fins were touching the reef. We headed east of the tip and when Rand arrived, we descended.

It was dark and green down there. We swam around the end of the reef. Rand led the way. We lost Marshall but figured he knew his way around here since he
suggested that we dive there. It's a very long swim back because we were at the end of the reef, so we proceeded to head to shore.

Visibility was only 10 feet with lots of things floating around. Pieces of kelp, sand and other things. We continued along and then Marshall joined up with us. Then
we lost Rand. So Marshall lead the way back to shore. We were swimming over the sandy bottom and he pointed at a ray. I started recording and it was a guitar fish
and it quickly left us.

We were in about 10 feet of water and we decided to surface. We were in front of the lifeguard tower. A lot of waves were hitting the beach and we had to wait for
them to pass so we could exit. Rand was with Rich when we got out of the water. We didn't have a problem but Rand lost his mask. Neptune wanted a sacrifice and
took Rand's mask.

We packed our gear and headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. Only 10 feet of visibility, large waves, green water, and lots of things floating made it a
difficult dive.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour