Good morning Divers!!!

Max Depth: 48ft
Avg Depth: 36ft
Duration: 53 minutes
Time: 8:48 am
Min Temp: 66 F
Max Temp: 67 F
Visibility: 20¬25 feet
Conditions: Low moving to high tide, large waves, surge,
Dive Buddies: Chris. Total 15.

A good dive at Heisler Park. South Swell was coming from
Hurricane Rosa, but we got in and out before that surf
arrived. Lots of fish were about but I didn't see anything

Rich and I arrived at the mall and waited for people. We
didn't have anyone new and the regulars came along. We
thought about where to go and I decided on Heisler Park.
The reason being was that a large south swell is coming
and Heisler is more protected than Crescent Bay. We
jumped in our cars at 7:45 and zoomed down to Laguna.
When we got at Heisler Park, the surf wasn't bad. It was
still manageable but there were some large waves to be
careful of. We suited up and then entered the water.
Chris and I entered the water at the same time and we
had to wait a bit for a few big waves to pass. Once they
broke, there was plenty of time to get into the water. Chris
and I didn't want to swim out to the end of the reef so we
only went half way and descended. The rest of the group
continued a long surface swim to get to the end of the

Chris and I descended and he headed south. We swam
along the sandy bottom for quite awhile and he would go a
little east and then south some more. We did hit the reef
and I started taking videos of the reef.

We swam along the reef seeing lots of California Sheep
Heads, Garibaldi, and kelp bass. I stopped along the way
and saw lots of lobsters in their holes. Today was the first
day of lobster season and being in Laguna Beach, you
can't take them. They know this and wave their antenna at
you when you go by. After about 30 minutes it was time to
head back at a leisurely pace.

I swam out of the reef and headed north which took me
across sand. Thinking that I might be heading up the coast
towards Divers' Cove, I headed east and hitting the reef, I
went north. I swam into a nice reef with lots of fish and it
was getting close to being shallow so I figured to end the
dive and surface. I was still far from shore and hugging the
reef so I had to swim north west to exit the water in front of
the lifeguard tower. Close to shore there was a lot of
commotion. A group of teenagers were exercising on the
beach, doing push ups, running and then swimming.
Another group had a camera on a stand point at the
waves. Another group were being loud playing in the
water. When we entered the water, the beach was empty.
When we finished the dive, the beach was crowded.

We packed up our gear and headed to Husky Boy's for
food and conversation. It was a really good day of diving.
We got it in before the hurricane swell arrived. I was
thinking the ocean would be a mess because of the
hurricane, but it hasn't arrived to our beaches yet.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour