Good morning Divers!!!

Location: Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach
Max Depth: 50ft
Avg Depth: 32ft
Duration: 54 minutes
Date: Nov 3, 2018
Time: 9:00 am
Min Temp: 66 F
Max Temp: 67 F
Visibility: 25-30 feet
Conditions: moving to low tide, waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Ross and John. Total 12.

A really good dive today. This could be the beginning of the dive season where visibility opens up. The south swell was almost gone. There was a strong west swell,
but Catalina was protecting the coast.

Chris and I arrived at the mall on time to find Rich along with a large group from Northern California. They have been in the area to check out our conditions. Most
fo the group were here to see Laguna and dive along side of us. I decided to dive Crescent Bay because the south swells were gone and we haven't been there in a
long time. A few new people showed up being lost in the large group and I got a chance to talk to both of them. We left the mall at 7:45.

At Crescent Bay, the waves were small with a few good sized ones. Much better than last week. We suited up and entered the water.

We went out to the drop down point and within a few minutes the Riveria came and set anchor on Deadman's Reef. We dropped on down and Chris took care of the
group from Northern California. When we were descending, the visibility was opening up. Once on the bottom, we headed for the reef and to my left I could see
Deadhenge. I changed course and followed the rocks to Deadman's Reef. Half way there, Robin and Mike found a small octopus hiding under the rock. I got some
video of her trying to coax the little guy out of his hiding place.

We swam along and once reaching the reef, I headed east so we could swim along the wall. We swam to the eastern end and then headed into one of the canyons.
Then up and over to the next canyon. And with visibility being so good, I checked out the northern portions of the reef.

At the western section I got video of schools of fish. While swimming north to leave the reef, I saw another school of fish. Yellow tails were big and in a row.
Heading north took to one of the pinnacles and from there I knew I had to swim east and then north again.

Once we arrived at the inner reef, we swam east and then turned north once we hit the edge. It was a nice swim all the way back to shore and in about 8 feet of
water, we ended the dive and surfaced. Getting out of the water was easy enough. No big waves to make your life miserable.

After packing up, we headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was an excellent dive. Probably the best of the year and there should be even better
dives to come before years end. This is the time to get into the water!


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour