Good morning Divers!!!

Location: Deadman's Reef, Laguna Beach
Max Depth: 61ft
Avg Depth: 30ft
Duration: 47 minutes
Date: Dec 15, 2018
Time: 9:06 am
Min Temp: 62 F
Max Temp: 62 F
Visibility: 15 - 25 feet
Conditions: High tide moving to low, surge, current, some big waves.
Dive Buddies: Leo. Total 10.

The weather has been bad for the past 3 weeks and it was our first time to get back into the water. Visibility should have been better but it was better than the
average Laguna has. Lots of fish at Deadman's Reef.

Rich and I arrived at the mall and this time, there were no newbies. Just the regulars and a few returnees. Because of the tide and we wanting good visibility we
chose Deadman's Reef at Crescent Bay.

When we arrived, the waves were pretty small, but some big ones would hit the beach. We just have to time it right. We suited up and entered the water.

When we were swimming out, the dive boat arrived and dropped anchor. We decided to swim all the way to the dive boat and drop down from there. The dive boat
was west of the reef.

We dropped down and I headed east to get to the reef. I saw a large fish and video taped it. That fish stayed away from me so I mostly got video of it swimming
away in "chase mode".

I swam around the reef and noticed lots and lots of fish. Quite a few of them were hanging out at the few strands of kelp. There wasn't much kelp and it should be
growing soon.

After swimming around the reef, it was time to head back. When swimming over the sand, I noticed a large sole/halibut sitting on the bottom. I got some video of
that. The fish never moved.

When I got into 5 feet of water, it was time to get up and walk into shore. The timing was right and I got out without any problems.

It was a good day to dive but I was hoping the visibility was better. After the dive we haded to Husky Boy's to discuss the dive and eat!



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour