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South Coast Divers Photo Galleries

This area represents Photos taken by myself & other local people of interesting things here locally in Southern California & around the world (Not necessarily by Divers). Some of these pictures/galleries represent work I have done using Photoshop. If you have some pictures that you would like to have posted OR a new category that you think would be of interest, send me an Email and I will set it up. Please see my Photography Tips & Pointers if you wish to see how I did some of these pictures. You can purchase some of these prints using PayPal at mySupaDupa.com

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Diver pictures
Dive Sites
Chicken & the Monkey
The following are "NDR" (Non diving related) galleries.
Car shots
Political Satire (Not necessarily SCD viewpoint)


Please note:
These pictures are personal pictures from real people in the area, the pictures cannot be used for ANY other purpose other than being displayed here without the photographer's permission. Nearly all of the pictures have the South Coast Divers watermark on them, this is because I got tired of people who just came in here and used some of these pictures on their own web sites, w/o permission. So I had to put watermarks on nearly all of the pictures, regardless whether or not I shot the picture. I wouldn't have issues IF they had just asked me. Thanks.

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