The SCD Underwater Scuba Videos.
This is simple, select one.
If you want your YouTube video here, send me the link and when you shot it.

08-02-2019-James 11-14-2016-Louis 08-01-2016-Louis 07-19-2016-Louis
01-04-2016-Louis 10-06-2015-Louis 09-25-2015-Travis 08-12-2015-Ray
08-04-2015-Ray 07-04-2015-Louis 06-21-2015-Louis 06-14-2015-Louis
05-24-2015-Louis 04-26-2015-Louis 04-19-2015-Louis 04-12-2015-Louis
03-22-2015-Louis 03-18-2015-Ted 03-16-2015-Louis 03-09-2015-Louis
01-26-2015- Louis 01-18-2015-Louis 01-11-2015-Louis 01-04-2015-Sebastien

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