Ever wonder what it would sound like to hear music while Scuba Diving?
Click on this to hear the diver sounds while the music is playing...
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YellowSubmarine MonkeyIsland DownUnder EyeInTheSky OrinocoFlow
Crazy MissionImpossible TakeFive MorningDance Carrib2
GodBlessAmerica Phantom WreckOfTheEdmundFitzgerald CestLaVie Orinoco
k3 fussion Mambo4Tajrid Boadicea pirate
StarWars Carrib6 Carrib5 Shark CirSea
Unknown2 Unknown1 Carrib8 StarSpangledBanner Frankenstein
AllBlues DanseMac Pieces HeyMan 2001
StillYouTurnMeOn MargieVille FreedomAtMidnight Moorea JiveCoffee
Storms Carrib3 Carrib7 Carrib1 Maputo
Hawaii-5-0 Unknown3 BardDance Conga FieldsOfGold
StairwayToHeaven UnderTheSea CheeseBurgerInParadise AmericanPie BlackStray
Carrib4 Jaws CantMakeULoveMe

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